Destination Review: Solitairica’s Primal Champions DLC

I have sunk countless hours into Solitairica, the singleplayer rogue-like card battler from Righteous Hammer Games. I’ve beaten everything there is to beat in the game, multiple times, and I doubt I’ll uninstall it any time soon. With the recent release of a DLC pack, dubbed the “Primal Champions,” I was eager to dive in for more. In Solitairica, you’re battling the armies of Stuck in the land of Myriodd to unseat Emperor Stuck, the final boss. You have a normal deck of sequential Solitaire-style cards, but the cards in the deck take on one, or a combination of two, energies: attack, defense, agility, and willpower. Energy is used to cast spells based on the type of energy accumulated. You gain energy by drawing cards or by destroying cards of that energy type. You destroy cards by drawing a card that is one less or one above any of the…