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Warps is the newest iteration on the Flow formula

Flow is one of the classic mobile games of this generation, featuring hundreds of puzzles where the only object is to connect colors from point A to point B without intersecting. It’s simple, minimal and effective. Recently, the fourth game in the series, Flow: Warps, was released on Android. The aesthetic of Flow hasn’t changed since the original release years ago, and it doesn’t need to. Since the original Flow came out, Big Duck Games have put out several packs of levels — a game called Flow: Hexes and a game called Flow: Bridges. Each of the games are free to play, with additional packs and the ability to remove ads behind a small fee. Hexes changes the shape of the playing field and bridges creates one-way intersections for the lines. In Warps, you have to create flows using a number of warps, two or more depending on the difficulty,…