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Review: My Child Lebensborn is an emotional gut punch, but an important one

Every once in a while a game comes along with a message that gut punches you. It reminds you that the world is a cruel place full of people just trying to navigate their lives in difficult situations. My Child Lebensborn is one of those games: it is not an escapist game by any means. Not that escapism is a bad thing – I think that there’s great value in not thinking about your problems for a little bit.

Destination Review: Florence

Florence is, most of all, a story about finding your passion and happiness. Florence is the name of the main character–the events are from her point of view. According to an interview with the creator, she’s a 25-year-old Chinese-Australian girl working a desk job. She wakes up every morning, gets on the train, works her job, then comes home and watches TV. She has a very set routine, until she hears cello music coming from an Indian musician named Krish and becomes enamored of him.

Revisit: Desert Golfing

All I know is that it goes on … and on … and on. You’re golfing in a desert, a sparse desert with no scenery. Except once every couple hundred screens you might see a cloud in the sky or a cactus in the background. What made those appear? Did I do anything? Can I interact with it?

Warps is the newest iteration on the Flow formula

Flow is one of the classic mobile games of this generation, featuring hundreds of puzzles where the only object is to connect colors from point A to point B without intersecting. It’s simple, minimal and effective. Recently, the fourth game in the series, Flow: Warps, was released on Android. The aesthetic of Flow hasn’t changed since the original release years ago, and it doesn’t need to. Since the original Flow came out, Big Duck Games have put out several packs of levels — a game called Flow: Hexes and a game called Flow: Bridges. Each of the games are free to play, with additional packs and the ability to remove ads behind a small fee. Hexes changes the shape of the playing field and bridges creates one-way intersections for the lines. In Warps, you have to create flows using a number of warps, two or more depending on the difficulty,…