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You. Must. Build. A. Boat.

That’s your objective in EightyEight Games’ You Must Build A Boat, a puzzle-matching game with progression, character, and a little man running through an endless dungeon atop the screen. Also, you always win. There is no losing in You Must Build A Boat.

Your goal is to recruit new crewmen in the form of vendors you find during your runs through various dungeons. You recruit them by making it deeper into the dungeon ,and you make it deeper into the dungeon by fighting enemies. Matching sword, spell, key, thought, and power tiles in a match-three format is how you fight enemies, open chests, and progress.

The game’s mechanics are fun, and they introduce new vendors and systems deep into a playthrough. There is also essentially a New Game+ mode and onward, and at this point I’m probably at New Game++++++++. It’s probably the Android game I return to most often.

If you like You Must Build A Boat, you should check out the developer’s other game, 10000000.



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