After playing some bad nonogram games, I made it my mission to find a good one. Thankfully, GAMEFOX’s Two Eyes is just what I was looking for.

The most important qualities in a nonogram game are the controls and options. A good nonogram game will let you choose whether it auto checks your answers as you go, if it will let you fill X’s on a complete line, and mark sections of a line done instead of only the whole line. Two Eyes hits on all of the options, and the controls are easy to use. There was one especially useful thing Two Eyes allowed, which I haven’t seen in other nonogram games: when you hold press, you highlight a row of squares, and you can do a second tap elsewhere to cancel that selection.

Main page of the Wolf story

The unique thing about Two Eyes is it adds a story element to the game. There are two sides of the story: the Deer story and the Wolf story. The translation isn’t perfect, so you will run into some odd phrasing errors, but I found the story to just be more distracting than interesting. I wouldn’t really include this as a negative, as it’s something that can easily be ignored.

The final features of the game I would like to highlight are the amount of puzzles and the size variety. In the story, there are 616 puzzles varying from 5×5 to 20×20 in size, as well as another 210 in the freeplay section. That’s only for one story, so altogether it’s 1,652 puzzles. The majority of the puzzles are in the 10×10 and 15×15 sizes, which is for the best. I find that, even on a phone as large as the Galaxy S8+, the puzzles after 10×10 are a little unwieldy. Zooming and scrolling seems like a hassle on the bigger puzzles, but they are doable. Once you beat the story, it also unlocks 30×30 mode, which just seems crazy.

If you’re a puzzle fan, especially nonograms, Two Eyes will keep you busy for a long time. Two Eyes is available on Google Play for free with the in-app option to remove ads for $2.99.


Anthony is an accountant that is pretending to moonlight as a games journalist. He is a board game fanatic and a craft beer aficionado.

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