“Have You Visited” is a thrice-weekly stream of recommendations for Android games that we like — nothing more, nothing less.

Elegant is the first word that comes to mind when I look at Strata, a puzzle game for Android that came out several years ago. It was one of the first puzzle games I truly thought was beautiful, and the beauty isn’t skin-deep.

The goal of Strata is to layer colored ribbons to match a pattern. You have to cover the whole grid with lines of ribbon; but you have to layer them in a certain order, as only the top-most layer matches the color at the bottom, which is a requirement for passing the game.

It’s a relaxing game, to a point. The difficulty does ramp up pretty significantly, and I’ll admit even after all these years I’ve never finished all the base puzzles in the game. I still play it a couple times per month, so perhaps someday.

You can weave your way through Strata for the low, low price of free or pay for an ad-free experience for $2.99.


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