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no thing is a very weird game, and I don’t know if I’ll ever completely understand it. Nor am I sure that one is even supposed to understand it, or if I would ever want to — if it’s even possible. Is a weird game less weird if it’s being weird for weirdness’ sake?

Maybe. But I don’t care, because no thing is a delightful head trip wrapped around a very simple endless runner-esque concept. You’re moving forward and turning left or right. If you don’t turn the right direction with the right timing, you fall off.

The game does some interesting things with momentum as you progress, with uphill climbs and steep descents resulting in a half-jump, half-fall during which it’s hard to correct your course so you had better line it up properly beforehand.

There’s a voice that talks to you and it says … well it says things. It sounds like it’s speaking in code, honestly, but I can’t even claim I even remember any of the things it said, and I’ve just played it again less than 10 minutes ago. I do remember the funky colors, odd visuals, robotic voice, and how completely baffled I felt at the fact that I was actually enjoying the gameplay portion of it all.

But enough of my interpretations, what is the official word on what’s going on in no thing?

The year is 1994 and it is the future.

NO THING is an indie minimalistic surreal action game set in totalitarian regime of future.

Tells the story of an office clerk who is sent with important message to the Queen of Ice.

no thing is currently $2 on Google Play.


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