Playdots’ game Dots: A Game About Connecting is a wholesome puzzle game with a simple goal: connect the dots. The game is particularly notable for it’s simplistic menu design, something that wasn’t common at the time of its release. A minimalist game design in general earns the game high marks, in my opinion. There is something special about no extraneous details to navigate through to find the meat of the game.

In Dots, your goal is to match dots of the same color together to gain points. The more dots, the better. If you make a square with the dots you connect, you’re able to clear the board of all the same colored dots, providing yourself with the opportunity to do the same with the rest of the colors.


Dots has four modes: Timed, Moves, Endless and Challenges. Timed is, predictably, a timed game of dots. You have 60 seconds to connect as many dots as you’re able to. Moves mode gives you 30 separate instances of dot-connecting to get as many points as you can. Endless is just an endless connection mode, great if you’re looking to zen out and just connect.

Challenge mode allows you to challenge a random internet person at either a Timed game or a Moves game. My favorite part of Challenge mode is that you play your portion and you don’t have to wait on matchmaking — someone else wanting a challenge will get matched up with you at some point. It’s a very relaxed mode that matches the tone of the entire game.

I’m a big fan of simplicity in my games. Dots: A Game About Connecting really scratches an itch for me and is a game that I return to over and over again. If you’re a puzzle fan looking to just relax and connect, Dots is the game for you.

Dots is available on Google Play for free.


Tabitha Brady is a high school English teacher married to the editor of this website. She has way too many cats.

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