EightyEight Games is nothing if not straightforward with their titles.

In the match-three game 10000000, you must reach a score of – you guessed it – 10000000 to escape from the strange dungeon you’re inexplicably trapped in. You’ll face a myriad of fantasy-themed monsters as you make your way through the side-scrolling dungeon. Options to upgrade weapons, armor, and magic make it possible to face the ramp-up of difficulty as you traverse the dungeon. 

I just beat the game for maybe the 10th time. I keep going back to 10000000 over and over again because the simplicity of the design is so damn attractive. I love match three games like other writers at Destination Android love idle games. In 10000000, you have one goal: get a higher score. You use the materials at your disposal to meet that goal. There’s something about the clicking-into-place sound when you match swords or wands together that makes the act of hitting a monster feel so good.

Even when I hit the score of 10000000, I found myself needing to max out everything I could. The door was open, there for me to leave. But I didn’t. And I don’t really want to. I felt the same way every time I finished You Must Build a Boat, EightyEight Games’ other title. They seem to have a knack for this style of game, and they caught me hook, line and sinker.

10000000 is currently available on Google Play for $2.89


Tabitha Brady is a high school English teacher married to the editor of this website. She has way too many cats.

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