Bandai Namco has announced a new game in its flagship fighting game series, Tekken, and it’s coming to iOS and Android devices very soon. If you live in Canada, it’s actually available today as a soft launch.

They are offering pre-registration on the game’s official website, and are promising more in-game rewards as more people pre-register, so get on that if this kind of thing appeals to you.

Tekken is one of the most successful fighting game franchises in the world, and it will be interesting to see how this one does on mobile. Fighting games have been spotty on Android, with a few standout releases like Skullgirls and the port of Fatal Fury Special. There are also some standout bad games, like the Injustice releases, which have you tapping aimlessly as the game produces full combos that you ultimately have little control over.

Bandai Namco says Tekken Mobile features an “intuitive, deep combat system,” and over 100 characters to “collect,” making this sound like a hybrid gacha game. The game also features a story mode, online versus battles and special themed events.

You can check out the announce trailer below:


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