The era of terrible video games based on South Park is hopefully at an end thanks to games like 2009’s South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! and 2014’s The Stick of Truth. But there hasn’t been much in the way of mobile games, at least until South Park: Phone Destroyer comes out.

Phone Destroyer is a real-time PVP battling game featuring all the regular characters from the TV show. At its core, it’s a deck-building game with a South Park makeover. In addition to the multiplayer, the game promises an expansive single player campaign developed with assistance from South Park Digital Studios.

It’s set to release sometime this year, and now Android users can pre-register for the game at the official website. Pre-registration will get you early access to the game when it’s available, and according to Ubisoft, an exclusive MANBEARPIG outfit.

The hook here should be whatever the story mode consists of. Most card-battling and deck-building games don’t feature expansive stories, instead relying on the PvP element to give them their legs. With The Stick of Truth upping the ante for how well the show’s comedy can come across in a video game, expectations for Phone Destroyer should be high.

The E3 announcement trailer is below.

The game will be free-to-play with premium unlocks and, presumably, some form of premium currency.


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