Reigns: Her Majesty is a delightfully wicked game that many have likened to a fusion of Game of Thrones and Tinder, with the player taking the role of the Queen as she manages the day-to-day operations of her kingdom by swiping right or left to make decisions.

It also happens to be Destination Android’s 2017 Android Game of the Year, and it just got a fairly extensive free update. The “Transformations” update promises 200 new cards (which are what the player swipes left or right), three new characters and five new deaths to the already expansive game.

The characters are interacted with via swiping the cards, and the deaths occur when the you fail to properly balance the needs and wants of your kingdom’s church, people, military and treasury. Each decision impacts one of those four things in some way, with only the context of the decision and an indicator showing you which things it will affect (but not how it will affect them) to determine how that impact will surface.

I’ve since upgraded to a new phone so my progress in Reigns: Her Majesty is back at the beginning, but I did pull down the update today (July 18), and it also appears to be out on every other platform the game has released on.

All we knew about this update prior to it dropping was that a “regal expansion fit for a Queen” was coming sometime this week. Some thought it would be a paid expansion, but that was never indicated one way or another before it dropped on Wednesday.

I’d happily pay for more Reigns, but I’ll also take a free update packed with content any day. Reigns: Her Majesty is currently 33 percent off on Google Play.


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