A surprise announcement from game developer Infinite Fall reveals Night in the Woods, a 2017 indie darling, will be coming to mobile devices in 2018. No further information has been given past that, but details will come later on. The news was originally shared on Night In The Woods’ Twitter along with the below image.

While the picture only shows 2 iPhones, the phrasing from the developer saying it’s coming to mobile, rather than iPhone specifically, might indicate towards both an Android and iOS release. Perhaps it will have an earlier release on iOS before coming to Android a bit down the line, similar to what happened with Thimbleweed Park and Monument Valley 2.

Previously released on Playstation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux, Night In The Woods takes you through the journey of Mae Borowski returning to her hometown after a time in college. The adventure game lets you explore around the town and hang out with various childhood friends of Mae’s. And it’s seriously charming.

We’ll keep you updated on those upcoming details and whether it’s coming to Android with fingers crossed here at Destination Android.


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