The sequel to one of the most influential and beautiful puzzle games in mobile gaming is coming to Android very soon. Monument Valley 2 will hit Google Play and the Amazon App Store on November 6, developer ustwo games has announced.

Some fans were beginning to think it wasn’t coming this year at all and the developers have been quiet about the Android version since the game hit iOS in June. They did have an exclusivity deal with Apple, so the delay makes sense on that front.

Either way, the game will have a lot to live up to. You will control Ro and her child as they move through beautiful, complex architectural puzzles utilizing clever illusions with a more specific emphasis on the story over the first game.

The first game is easily one of the best mobile games of all time and was one of the most successful, with more than 30 million downloads on all platforms.

Peep the release trailer below.

You can scoop the first game for $3.99 on Google Play. You can also pre-register for the sequel at Google Play.


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