The Kingdom Rush trilogy is one of the best series of games you can get on Android. From the base release to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers to Kingdom Rush: Origins, Ironhide Game Studio really knows how to make a tower defense game.

And now we know what their next game will be, and it’s not a Kingdom Rush title: Iron Marines. Set to release on Android and iOS on Sept. 14, the game is described as a “real-time, dynamic and deep strategy game.” But it’s … a lot like Kingdom Rush.

Like Kingdom Rush, it’s a strategy tower defense game, and there seems to be a heavy focus on heroes in addition to towers. Unlockable heroes represented the bulk of the progression in the Kingdom Rush games, and premium heroes were one of the primary ways the games were monetized post-release.

The details boast 14 campaign missions across two different worlds, 10 special operations with special rules, an “Impossible Mode” difficulty setting and a whole lot more. It looks like it’s iterating on the Kingdom Rush formula with a little more strategy and depth, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Below you can find the official trailer.

Iron Marines will release on Sept. 14, and you can pre-register now on Google Play.


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