If you missed the news, there’s a new Humble Mobile Bundle, and it’s already about halfway through its allotted sale time. As of the time of writing you’ve got about six days left to check out the “Made In France” bundle, which features several Android games made in France.

The $1 tier includes Pang Adventures, Mechanic Escape and unWorded. The beat-the-average tier includes Out There: Omega Edition, Sanitarium and OK Golf. Finally, the $5 tier (only 27 cents more than the BTA tier at the time of writing) features the Gobliiins Trilogy, Dungeon Rushers and A Normal Lost Phone.

Of the games above, I recognize three as great games that are worth your time: Pang Adventures, Out There: Omega Edition and A Normal Lost Phone.

The first is an action puzzle game in which you have to pop colored balls that are falling from the top of the screen and bouncing in various configurations. There are also enemies to deal with, and you can only shoot upwards.

Out There is a space exploration roguelike, with the Omega Edition being the heavily-expanded release that has hit all major platforms. You play as an astronaut awaking from cryonics somewhere that isn’t where you’re supposed to be. The object of the game is simple: survive, and get as far as you can.

Finally, A Normal Lost Phone is a narrative game “exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player,” as the Humble Bundle page says. It’s a very unique and interesting way to tell a story, and the writing is top notch. It’s definitely the highlight of the bunch.

You can check out the Out There: Omega Edition trailer below, because it’s the raddest one.

Pick up all those games DRM-free on Android over at Humble Bundle right here.


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