If you need a fresh infusion of games on your Android devices, look no further than the latest Humble Mobile Bundle. The 22nd iteration of the mobile bundles, there are several games that are worth your time, and we’re going to break it down by tier. As usual, there are three tiers: $1, the “beat the average” tier, and a fixed cost premium tier, which in this case comes in at $5. Let’s take a look at the games involved.

The $1 Tier

The first tier has Splitter Critters ($2.99 on Google Play), Star Vikings Forever ($2.99 on Google Play) and Galaxy of Pen & Paper ($4.99 on Google Play).

Of those, we’re most familiar with the last one, which we have covered here in the past. It’s an exciting role-playing simulation with a ton of humor and personality packed into it. There’s a whole lot of game there for just the dollar.

Splitter Critters and Star Vikings Forever are both new to me, but both look interesting from a puzzler perspective. The first has you swiping the screen to cut it into segments that warp the world, allowing you to guide little critters to their destination. The latter looks like Plants vs. Zombies in reverse, with a player-customized party marching across a small grid, defeating enemies to make it to the end.

The “Beat the Average” Tier

This tier, currently at $4.79 at the time of writing, includes Oxenfree ($4.99 on Google Play), Mushroom 11 ($4.99 on Google Play), and Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story ($3.49 on Google Play).

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller narrative game that I enjoyed immensely on other platforms, and will probably play again on Android with this bundle. It’s the best game in this package, and one of the best of the genre.

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is the follow-up to A Normal Lost Phone, and it’s the same premise: a light puzzle game heavy on narrative telling the story of one person through exploring their lost phone. The game deals heavily with abusive relationships and has very serious themes overall, but it’s something that definitely hit with me.

Mushroom 11 is a game that’s been kicking around for awhile on other platforms, but one that I haven’t spent much time with. This will be my personal jumping-on point. It’s a puzzle-platformer with fantastic art.

The $5 Tier

Finally, the $5 tier includes two great games, making the purchase well worth it if you’re already considering the “beat the average” tier. The games included are Party Hard GO ($6.99 on Google Play) and Death Road to Canada ($9.99 on Google Play).

Death Road to Canada is a recent Android release, one that I’ve played a lot of Steam in co-op with my wife. The game seems like it’s had some growing pains moving over to mobile platforms, with on-screen controls sometimes an issue.

Most of those with a controller are having fun with the zombified roguelike, but the developers have patched it a few times to this point and it seems like the touch control is doing better. The game’s goal has your group of characters making your way across the country, filled with zombies, and you have to manage health, food, gas and the whole “not getting eaten by zombies” thing.

Party Hard GO is the mobile version of Party Hard, a stealth game where you are invading a very loud an annoying party being held by your next-door neighbors so you may murder them. It’s very tongue-in-cheek, and very charming despite its subject matter.

The full bundle seems well-worth a purchase for those needing something to do on their Android devices.


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