When I want to play a  puzzle game,  I tend to go for games that are low pressure: no timer, no move counters, nothing like that. I like to take my time and feel like I can put a game down when it’s frustrating me. Up Left Out definitely delivers my ideal experience in a puzzle game.

Up Left Out is a new minimalist puzzle game from developer Maciej Targoni, creator of other games such as Klocki and Hook (Editor’s Note: Hook is soooo good! Play it!) The game starts off easing the player into its puzzle mechanics. It’s a sliding block game that introduces various twists on the theme as the difficulty ramps up. You start off with squares or rectangles on pegs, and you need to move those game pieces off the pegs in order to pass that level.

The red pegs create red lines when you free them.

Before you get too used to one mechanic, the game introduces the idea of matching lines together after releasing them from the peg. Then there are walls to manipulate: press a button around the perimeter of the playfield, and you move a wall so you can strategically move some pieces. There’s a mechanic that lets you rotate the pieces, whether they be on or off the pegs.

The difficulty ramps up rather quickly, but not in a frustrating way. I feel comfortable putting this game down and coming back to it later to try my hand at solving the puzzle again. My only criticism is that there isn’t a specific reset button to start over on a level. You have to press the top left corner of the screen to bring up arrows to switch back and forth between puzzles, which will reset the game. It took me a bit of poking around to figure that out.

Overall, this game is quite enjoyable. I plan to keep playing it until I run out of puzzles to solve. The developer does offer a free web version of the game on Kongregate, but the puzzles in that version are  different from those in the mobile game.

Up Left Out is available on Google Play for $0.99.


Tabitha Brady is a high school English teacher married to the editor of this website. She has way too many cats.

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