Neko Atsume is a low-pressure game about leaving food out for various cats who visit your home, eat the food, and occasionally give you money so you can buy more cat furniture. It was a breakout hit on mobile devices before it was even translated to English from Japanese, and the same can be said for the developer’s latest game: Tabikaeru – Journey Frog.

As is the case with Neko Atsume, Tabikaeru is incredibly adorable, with very chill gameplay that doesn’t ask a lot of users. Gameplay comes in the form of light interaction with the space around you as you send your frog out on various adventures.

The frog is gone for some amount of time — around five hours the first two times I sent him out myself — before returning with gifts for you and other neat things that I won’t spoil here.

It’s a bit more involved than Neko Atsume, but not prohibitively so. It might be worth waiting for an English translation just to get all the charm from this game, but for those who don’t want to, you can get it now on Android devices.

While Neko Atsume’s cats were adorable in the best way, the frog in Tabikaeru is awesome. I want to be friends with this frog. I want to go on adventures with this frog. I’m certainly not waiting for the English translation.

The game is free on Google Play.


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