Holedown, the latest game from the mind behind twofold inc. and rymdkapsel, is all about seizing the means of production, at least according to my worm (ghost? ghost worm? space ghost worm?) friend at the bottom right of my screen. I assume they’re my friend — they call me comrade, after all — as they have been sticking with me on my journey to dig deeper!

How much deeper, you ask? I’m not quite sure, as I’m not very good at grapefrukt’s breakout-meets-Mr. Driller puzzle game. Nor was I particularly good at the other two games mentioned. But I sure did love playing them, and that’s also the case for Holedown, which officially dropped on Android and iOS devices on Thursday.

Had I been paying attention to my Twitter timeline, I would have noticed this game’s announcement just two weeks ago, and would have immediately requested a key with which to review the game. I didn’t do that because I suck, but I can at least tell you in my ~40 minutes of playing thus far that Holedown is good fun and has some very interesting mechanics, making it so much more than the gameplay hook of a game like Ballz or the games Ballz ripped off.

Your goal is to break blocks with balls while moving downward through one of five planets. In the process, you’ll collect upgrade crystals which can be used in-between runs to increase things like starting ball count, a higher shot allotment and increase your ability to carry even more crystals back with you. Runs end when you run out of shot attempts or make it to the goal. Shot attempts end when the balls hit the top of the screen — they will bounce on the sides.

It’s a good mechanic, and it’s hard to put down. What makes it really great, again in my limited time playing it, is its oozing charm made up of cute writing, a great soundtrack and beautiful visuals, like all of this developer’s games.

I’m gonna go play some more. Peep the launch trailer below.

Holedown is $3.99 on Google Play.


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