I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs for many years, so Galaxy of Pen and Paper had an easy in with me. That being said, the humour and references are well-written enough to hit the mark for anyone who hasn’t rolled dice themselves and the game’s unique pixel graphic style stands out and matches the tone of the game perfectly.

The story, which I haven’t yet gotten very far into, is, of course, narrated by the GM and flavoured gently around the light customisation options you’re given. If you have a big, bulky alien in your party, they’ll react differently to the story than a technician would. As you add to your character list, you can keep customising until you find the mix you like the best. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to send them off into the waiting GM’s hands to discover adventure and combat.

The gameplay system is simple to understand but deep enough to keep you exploring for hours between different races and classes to mix and match, each with numerous skills to explore and tweak to your hearts delight as they level up and even greater options unfurl. Combat plays out in the turn-based fashion you would expect from a tabletop-inspired RPG.

As you approach each battle, you’re free to set the difficulty at whatever level you choose. Higher difficulties yield greater rewards for cramming the screen with enemies, and lower difficulties offer simple plot advancement if you’d rather just move on.

Talking of plot advancement.. you’ll have to excuse me – I have a Galaxy to explore!

Galaxy of Pen and Paper is currently $4.99 on Google Play.


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