When I think about the Warhammer franchise, the first thing that comes to mind is the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series. It actually started as a tabletop series back in the 1980’s with many new entries over the years, and now there’s an even fresher addition to the Warhammer universe. And it stars a rotating wheel of death incarnate.

Freshly released on Google Play, Doomwheel is an endless runner by Katsu Entertainment that has you take control of a Skaven (a mole rat-like creature) to flatten your opposition. You achieve this with the, you guessed it, Doomwheel as you charge forward through the enemy ranks.

As far as endless runners go, this one keeps fairly in line with most others. The game gives you a bit of backstory as to why exactly you’re doing all of this destruction, and while it isn’t anything especially deep it is nice to have. You go through different nations, completing mini-goals to take over sections of each nation until you conquer it. The goals themselves are pretty standard fare but the gameplay itself is strong enough to sustain it. Graphically, the environments are quite nice and you can spot the little details that make up the levels even as you’re rolling faster and faster through them.

My personal favorite aspect of the game is the upgrade system, in which you enhance your Doomwheel through “Tokens” collected in each level. Each upgrade also changes the cosmetics of the Doomwheel, so you can actually see it evolve as you play through the game. It gives you a sense of “Oh man, what’s the next upgrade going to look like” that keeps you hooked. I want to see how elaborate, ruthless, and fashionable my Doomwheel can become. I also just want to keep saying the word Doomwheel as many times as I can.

Interested? You can scoop it up for $2.99 on Google Play


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