Getting any kind of precision platforming done on a smartphone without a gamepad can be a pain, but developers Orangepixel have consistently been able to nail it. Something about the way their games control and handle feels great — better than just about any other similar games on Android.

Such is the case for Ashworld, an open world survival adventure game that was released on Android in January. The game came to PC’s in September and hit iOS devices in December, so Android is once again bringing up the rear. The wait seems to have been worth it, however.

Ashworld is all about surviving with limited supplies, with a gameplay hook that includes different control schemes for the top-down action of the open world and the side-scrolling action it shifts to when the player character enters buildings.

This variance in the control scheme is definitely engaging, but in my limited time with the game, it can occasionally be a hindrance. The game demands platforming on a touch screen, which means virtual buttons that, by their very nature, are fairly imprecise. It’s easy to pick up and put down most mobile games, and when a game asks more out of its players from a control perspective, it can occasionally be difficult to stick with. Platforming on mobile is hard to pull off well, but as usual, Orangepixel walks the fine line well enough.

This has been the case for Ashworld for me, but there is a lot of polish and a lot to like about the world and the gameplay, so I’m looking forward to diving deeper. You can check the release trailer below.

Ashworld is $3.99 on Google Play.


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