Ironhide Game Studio probably doesn’t need to innovate much to continue producing quality games. Kingdom Rush is fantastic, as are both of the follow-ups, despite not changing much with the formula. As I said, they don’t need to make big changes … but they did with their latest release, Iron Marines, and it’s worked out fantastically.

Where Kingdom Rush is a series of tower defense games with player-controlled heroes that can roam the map, Iron Marines is a full-blown real-time-strategy game mixed with the classic tower defense formula. There were always RTS elements to the Kingdom Rush games, but Iron Marines offers up a lot more depth.

It’s a gorgeous game and everything around the edges adds such a nice layer of polish that this developer is known for. There are little voice lines or animations that give all the units and tower types a lot of character, while the hero units are all very unique.

The only issue is that it’s a premium-priced game with microtransactions … like a lot of them. It has more microtransactions than most free games. I might have enjoyed playing Iron Marines as much or more than any game this year, but there are a slew of heroes I’ll simply never get to play despite paying full price for the game, and that’s disappointing.

Still, it’s worth the price of admission to experience the amount of content there actually is without the microtransactions. The game is a blast and worth your time, and is pretty long on top of that. It should keep you entertained for several hours, and then some if you want to do extra challenges and get the top rating on levels.

Iron Marines is $2.99 on Google Play.

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