Every day in December, we here at Destination Android are celebrating the best games released in 2017, starting with No. 31 on the first with a new ranking each day all the way to the end of the year with our first ever Game of the Year award.

Sonny began its life as a series of adventure games created in Flash, though my introduction to the series was the absolutely stellar Android release in September of this year. Simply titled “Sonny” from Armor Games Studios, it’s a comic book-flavored adventure RPG with turn-based combat, gorgeous art and a good story. It also happens to be free on the Google Play store, with no in-app purchases.

Touting its “stunning artwork by Jet Kimchrea and an engrossing original score by David Orr,” Sonny is a game about planning. Players are given direct control over the titular Sonny, and progress through a narrative campaign while leveling up different abilities.

Players go through battles with a wheel of up to eight abilities from a skill tree with various upgrades. These abilities include different flavors of attacks, buffs and special effects on various cooldowns with various positives and negatives. You have two allies in battle who support you with their own pool of abilities, but you don’t have direct control over them. The abilities mix and match in creative ways, and a battle can be won or lost on the back of a single, non-obvious move.

It’s all about the battles, really. The plot is delivered during and between battles with little-to-no exploration in between. If you don’t like the fighting mechanics, the story probably won’t keep you hooked. But I did, and getting through the story was definitely worth my time.

Plot-wise, Sonny is a reboot with a new storyline, and not a direct continuation of the previous two games in the franchise. Those new to the series — like myself — won’t feel left out as it all feels very self-contained. Playing as Sonny, you are something of a super-powerful zombie capable of conscious thought.

Gorgeous art, excellent music, a zero-cost of admission and a lot of character make Sonny one of the best games released in 2017, and our No. 31 Android game for the year. Peep the launch trailer below.

Sonny is free on Google Play with no in-app purchases or timers, but has the option to watch an advertisement for in-game rewards.


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