Every day(ish) in December, we here at Destination Android are celebrating the best games released in 2017, starting with No. 31 on the first. We missed some deadlines, but are nonetheless enthused to bring you the next batch of games up until our absolute favorite game of 2017 is revealed on the 31st.

Murder by sliding isn’t an original idea; it’s something that was perfected by Hitman GO just a couple years ago. But that doesn’t mean another game can’t pull it off well, and Slayaway Camp from Blue Wizard Digital is that game.

You take the role of Skullface, an 80’s horror movie villain who is trying to bring the murder to various people, namely idiotic teens who aren’t smart enough to live. Featuring over 100 levels of sliding your killer around, trying to take out your prey by either running into them or landing next to them and forcing them into an area hazard. Those hazards can also hurt you, though, and there are often police with vision cones you have to avoid.

The whole thing is a tribute to the VHS era of horror/slasher films, and it nails the aesthetic in a big way. There are multiple killer skins you can find (or purchase) and the game features some of the silliest killing animations out there. It’s not subtle, but it’s also up-front about that. This is as silly as an overly bloody game can get, and it feels great to play.

A killer metal soundtrack also helps push it to the next level. Check the launch trailer below.

Slayaway Camp is $2.99 on Google Play.

Destination Android Game of the Year 2017 thus far

31. Sonny
30. A Girl Adrift
29. Burgle Bros
27. Passpartout: The Starving Artist
26. Cityglitch
25. Layton’s Mystery Journey
24. Disjoint
23. Linelight
22. Tokaido
21. Home Behind
20. The Witch’s Isle
19. Milkmaid of the Milky Way
18. Cosmic Express
17. FRAMED 2
16. Miracle Merchant
15. Spaceplan
14. Fowlst
13. Old Man’s Journey
12. Underhand
11. Sidewords
10. Love You to Bits
9. Card Thief
8. Cat Quest
7. Slayaway Camp


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