The popular way to describe the first Reigns is something along the lines of a combination between Game of Thrones and Tinder. The same can be said for the sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty, a game where you take the role of a monarch — in this case a queen, unlike the king in the first game — and you have to make choices by swiping right or left.

These choices affect your standing and popularity with the church, the people, the army and the treasury. You will meet a grisly end if you allow the favor with any of the above to drop too low, but also if you allow it to get too high.

You might be approached by a member of the church and told that your  breasts are too exposed and that you should be more pious. You might then tell that member of the church to pisseth off, allowing you to go on how you please. The church, if already low in favor of you, might call for your death. They will succeed, and your rule is over.

Or, you might continually make decisions that make the people love you. This is good, but if you continue to make those decisions and the meter for people gets filled all the way, those people will smash down the drawbridge and stampede you to death in an effort to hug and love you. There are few endings where you, the queen, survive a long and happy life.

The writing is where Reigns: Her Majesty really shines. It’s hilarious nearly 100 percent of the time. Every choice you’re presented with has a number of things that can ultimately happen to you. As the queen, nobody truly expects you to do much — that’s the job for a king. But you are more than equipped to show these people that they’re stupid and wrong, it’s just a fine line to walk when a horrible death is just around the corner.

It’s not subtle, but sometimes it can be. It’s a funny game that had me grinning throughout, but it also has resonated with a lot of women for being … not that far off from things that women have to deal with on a daily basis. That’s not my place to write about extensively, as a man, but I can totally see that point of view and Reigns: Her Majesty is both depressing and empowering because of this.

It’s an incredibly impressive game from just about every aspect. It’s our favorite game of 2017, our first favorite game of the year from our young site. We’re proud to call it the best, and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Reigns: Her Majesty is $2.99 on Google Play, and worth every penny.

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