Monument Valley is one of the best mobile games ever made — one that is extremely important to the development of mobile as a platform. It’s one of the first truly huge single-player games on phones, and the sequel, Monument Valley 2, is better in just about every way.

In fact, the only problem we have with Monument Valley 2 is that it took so long to come to Android, as it was announced and released on iOS the same day as part of an exclusivity deal with Apple. Android folks were made to wait, but it was worth it.

As far as gameplay goes, you control Ro as she guides her child through the mysteries of Monument Valley, a bizarre dreamscape filled with clever architectural puzzles, excellent ambient music and absolutely stunning visuals. The game does some very interesting things from a story perspective, things that you, the reader, should discover on your own.

Viewed as simply a puzzle game without all of the charm, intrigue and what have you, it still stands strong as a worthy game to get your brain turning over. The puzzles take a little bit to get going, but once they do, it’s incredibly hard to put the game down.

Monument Valley 2 is $4.99 on Google Play.

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