Look, just about all of us have had to travel the galaxy finding various body parts to rebuild our robotic girlfriends. It’s just an aspect of life, and unlike most aspects of life, it makes for a charming and delightful video game in Love You to Bits.

Love You to Bits is a point-and-click adventure puzzler from Enric Jorda and Alike Studio, developers behind the equally charming classic, Tiny Thief. That game is no longer available due to Rovio removing the game from Google Play, but this newest game is self-published and has found critical acclaim on all platforms.

You, the main character, were flying through the galaxy having a good time with your robot girlfriend, but an attack occurs and things get very, very desperate. Her parts are scattered throughout different worlds, one in each, and it’s up to you to find those parts and re-assemble her.

You do this by completing various point-and-click puzzles through beautiful backdrops. There are great bits of story after each world, video memories that hash out the back story in a meaningful way.

Love You to Bits is adorable, charming and very, very fun. It’s smart, too, and has a lot of depth for those looking for it. It’s certainly a must-play among Android games.

You can check out the launch trailer below.

Love You to Bits from Alike Studio is $3.99 on Google Play.

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