Card Thief is a card-based stealth game from TiNYTOUCHTALES and Arnold Rauers, the second such game from those developers to appear on our list this year. The first was Miracle Merchant, which we called the No. 16 Android game of 2017, but before that game came out, Card Thief was taking up all of our time.

Whereas Miracle Merchant has you making creative potions using cards, Card Thief has you burgling treasure, avoiding guards, slinking around in the darkness and generally devoting yourself to personal gain. The cards are baked into every mechanic in the game, from equipment cards that you take with you into heists to the cards that simply increase your number of moves across the board.

Said board includes treasure, guards (each of which is looking in a specific direction and will give chase if you cross their path), keys, light and places to hide. Visibility is obviously impacted by light. You want to get as much treasure as you can, though with limited moves with which to make it to the exit, you’re not going to collect all the treasure in every run.

The game is incredibly easy to pick up, but offers a lot of depth for those looking for it. We think it’s a step above Miracle Merchant and Card Crawl, both excellent titles from the same developer.

Card puzzle games will continue to come out on mobile platforms, and it will continue to be difficult to find the ones that stand out. But Card Thief stands out in a big way, and we haven’t enjoyed something of this type so much since Solitairica, which predates our little website.

Check out the launch trailer for the game below.

Card Thief is free on Google Play.

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