Every day in December, we here at Destination Android are celebrating the best games released in 2017, starting with No. 31 on the first with a new ranking each day all the way to the end of the year with our first ever Game of the Year award.

Idle games, clicker games and incremental games as a whole are hard to recommend for everyone. For some, the core loop of watching the numbers get bigger is enough to coax their lizard brain to keep playing. For others, it’s an exercise in boredom and lazy game design.

This writer falls into the former group. Incremental games have their hooks in me bad, and 2017 was a good year for the genre. One standout (spoilers: the first of two incremental games to make our top 31 this year) is A Girl Adrift from Daerisoft.

A Girl Adrift is a charming clicker-like where the core mechanic is fishing from your raft. You fish in various locations, completing quests by finding specific rare fish or boss fish for various NPCs, themselves often adrift in their own little world. After getting a fish on the line, simply tapping the screen fast enough to deplete the health bar before the timer runs out is all that’s required to secure the fish.

The world, as a whole, appears to generally be underwater. You play a girl drifting along on a raft, fishing and selling items in pursuit of equippable accessories, and generally having a very relaxing time despite the apparent watery dystopia.

What I really enjoy about it, outside of watching the numbers go up as I tap boss fish into oblivion, is the atmosphere. The game doesn’t have a lot of audio design, but what’s there blends with the whimsical art style. The game consistently hints at something deeper, something mysterious. I haven’t discovered if anything is actually there, but the writing has been cute enough to keep me involved.

People are still discovering new things in the game — rumored places on the map that only appear at certain times to certain people, NPCs that don’t appear for everyone and things of that nature. I don’t even know how much of what I’ve read is real, I only know that I continue to be intrigued by our girl, adrift as she is.

As a free incremental game, there are all the trappings of those kinds of games: premium currency, BEST DEALS, the ability to watch ads to earn time-based experience gains and all of that. It’s a reality of the genre, and is no more intrusive here than in any other standout incremental game.

You can check the game’s release trailer below.

Posted by Daerisoft on Friday, July 28, 2017

A Girl Adrift is available for free with in-app purchases and ads via Google Play.

Destination Android Game of the Year 2017 thus far

31. Sonny
30. A Girl Adrift


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