Recently (July 6th, to be exact), I became a father. I love my daughter with all of my heart despite the fact that my sleep has been halved since her birth. In fact, I’m writing this during what I’ve dubbed “the first shift”, which is when I stay up after the rest of the house goes to bed to deal with any fussy baby time.

Rewind to July 4th, my wife’s due date. For medical reasons, she had to be induced that night, beginning the labor process. From start to finish, labor was about 26 hours. One thing I learned over this time is that there is a lot of down time in labor, especially for the dad. Don’t get me wrong, I was there as support for my wife the whole time, but there were times I just wasn’t needed. And so, I turned to my phone.

I decided to chronicle the games that I played while my wife was busy bringing a new life into this world. Some games I played for just a few seconds while others took more of my time. This isn’t meant to be a review of the games I played as much as a running thought process of my specific circumstances. Let this be a guide to the fathers-to-be out there as to which games you too should play while your wife is in labor.

Pokémon Go

Ok, this feels like a bit of a cop out, but my wife and I still play Pokémon Go fairly regularly. It’s a good excuse to get out, and we enjoy playing while walking on trails. Sadly, the room we were in was just outside of range of a Pokéstop and wasn’t getting any good Pokémon. I checked the game a few times during the labor (on her phone as well, I’m not a monster), but didn’t spend too much time on it.

The Battle of PolytopiaI had recently learned of The Battle of Polytopia (or just Polytopia) and was very interested to try it out. It had been pitched to me as Civilization in 30 turns on an Android device. I found this description to be fairly accurate, and I played an entire game during the labor. The nice thing about Polytopia was I was able to put it down whenever I needed to and come back to it. I feel like this would’ve been a little harder if I was trying to do the multiplayer that’s built in, but as a single player game it worked perfectly. I took control of almost the entire board (there was one city left that wasn’t mine), explored the whole map, and had some very large cities. That said, I need to play on a difficulty that isn’t easy next time. I am planning to do a full review later, so look for that.

Bust-A-Move Journey

I hadn’t launched Bust-A-Move Journey in a very long time. I don’t remember why I stopped playing, but I remembered enjoying the game a lot (Tabi loves it). Unfortunately, dropping into the middle of the campaign without having the patience to remember some of the mechanics that were introduced made me a little frustrated and I closed the game without finishing a single board. This isn’t to say I dislike the game now, it just was not a good fit for my state of mind.

Two Eyes

Two Eyes is a picross/nonograms game that I have recently been playing with the intent to review it for the site. Thankfully, Two Eyes seems to nail the basic mechanics of a picross game, as well as having a large number of puzzles to solve. I solved a few puzzles during my downtime, and was able to pause and resume as needed.

Million Onion HotelIf you haven’t seen my review of Million Onion Hotel during our top games of 2017 countdown, you should know I like this game quite a bit. However, it was a little too involved for the event. When I’m playing Million Onion Hotel, I find myself focusing only on the game and telling people to hold on a second if they’re trying to get my attention. Not a good idea when your wife is extremely uncomfortable and trying to add a member to your family. I resumed a previous playthrough and played 5-10 levels.

Realm Grinder

I have a soft spot for clickers/idle games. I had downloaded Realm Grinder awhile ago and had meant to give it a shot. What better time, right? No, once I loaded it up and saw there was going to be a decent amount of tutorial, I closed the app. It seemed interesting, but I was not looking forward to going through that learning process. I will return to this game on a later date.

As I finish up this article, I hear my daughter shifting in her bed, hoping she doesn’t wake up. I realize how much Android games have integrated themselves into my life. Playing the games on my phone in the delivery room seemed as natural as anything. While not every game on the Play Store would be a good game to play while your wife is in labor (I didn’t play Hearthstone for a reason), this reinforced to me that there are games for just about every situation.

And soon, my phone and tablet will be filled with edutainment games, I’m sure.


Anthony is an accountant that is pretending to moonlight as a games journalist. He is a board game fanatic and a craft beer aficionado.

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