Ethics Statement

We will never accept money or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether favorable or unfavorable. All news, reviews, and other features on Destination Android are based on our own editorial discretion, and no publisher, developer, or other entity has say in what does and does not get produced.

We may accept product samples to review from publishers or developers, but we will never agree to any preconditions save for press embargoes and other such devices. Acceptance of a product sample is not a guarantee that we will provide coverage of that product. Most of the games that we review will be purchased by the editorial staff themselves.

At the current time, Destination Android does not have advertisements, but if and when advertisements are sold, they will always remain separate from the editorial staff of the site. Ads will be obvious, and we are not interested in creating “advertorial” content, nor are we interested in partnering with any publisher, developer, site, or other entity who wants to produce such content.

We will not cover (review or assess) any companies or entities in which staffers have a financial investment or have employed them previously. Friendships and relationships are sure to develop with those in the industry, and any affiliation that would represent any kind of potential conflict of interest with our editorial staff’s coverage or reporting will be disclosed in the bulk or footnotes of the content affected. We will not accept gifts (including food and drinks) in excess of $50 in value.

Our staffers are more than welcome to back video games on Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms, and we expect those staffers to adhere to the standards of disclosure above if such disclosure is deemed necessary. However, we do not believe that simply backing on a crowdfunding platform requires disclosure. Our staffers may support creators, including developers and the like, on Patreon or other such platforms, and disclosure will be provided in the event such support conflicts with any content produced.

Review scores and content will never be discussed with publishers, developers, PR firms, or any other similar entity. Review scores can change, and if so, reasoning will clearly be provided and the previous score reflected. Articles containing inaccuracies that require corrections will be corrected but not removed. Removal of content from Destination Android will only occur as a result of accidental publishing or content that managed to surface without editorial approval.

For any information, questions or thoughts, you can contact the editor in chief, James Brady, at