“Does anyone like picross?” The question came across the Destination Android chat and I instantly perked up. I love picross, I thought. Picross My Heart was a new picross game that had a Valentine’s Day theme, Cupid and all. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to check it out until recently.

I say unfortunately because I hope no one actually spent money on this game before reading this review.

The game has a nice enough title screen that gives you the idea of the theme. There are no options, only start, credits, and the option to turn the sound off. Once I hit play, I was already worried. There are only two options: “5×5” and “10×10”. OK, a little basic, but I’ve played some well crafted small puzzles, no big deal. I was also curious as there was no tutorial.

I thought this must have been made for picross veterans. My guess was reinforced by the fact that there were only 15 puzzles per size; each one must be expertly crafted, I’m sure. Let me skip ahead and tell you I completed all of the puzzles in less than 25 minutes.

Picross My Heart feels like a school project that someone decided to sell on Google Play. The interface is missing multiple features of even the most basic picross games. You cannot mark numbers or lines complete and there is no way to check if you made any errors. When playing a 10×10 puzzle, it does not break the puzzle into quadrants to make counting easier. And if you are trying to X out a line by dragging over the squares you filled in, it will X those in as well.

An example of the quality of the puzzles.

The puzzles in Picross My Heart are just as bad as the design. Roughly half of the puzzles are symmetrical, eliminating half of the work. Most of the time, you can complete the puzzles without even needing to use the X function. Finally, the instant I knew this was a bad game was when I found a puzzle that required me to guess to finish it. The biggest rule of picross is that you should never need to guess, and there are two puzzles in this collection that require you to do so.

A puzzle with two possible solutions.

Picross My Heart feels like a beginner’s guide to picross due to the difficulty of the puzzles but expects you to be well versed in picross before starting. Overall, after you add in the low quality of the interface and puzzle design, I cannot recommend Picross My Heart.

Picross My Heart is currently available on Google Play for $0.99.


Anthony is an accountant that is pretending to moonlight as a games journalist. He is a board game fanatic and a craft beer aficionado.

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