Released on May 29, Hexologic from MythicOwl is a sudoku- and nonogram-like logic puzzle game for multiple platforms, and I am in love with it. To understand the gravity of that statement, you should know: I am terrible at these kinds of games.

Really. I’m just so woefully incapable of mastering games like Picross 3D that it actually bums me out that I can’t enjoy them with the same fervor that many others do. Simple Sudoku takes me a lot longer than it should, too. This is all despite being OK at math and actually good at other puzzle games, and it’s always vexed me.

But enough about vexing me. Let’s talk about hexing me. Something about the presentation of Hexologic hooked me in a way that made me persist through my initial confusion and into what is simply a very well-put together puzzle game that is exactly what it says it is. To wit:

Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Hexologic. Solve challenging, yet rewarding puzzles, listen to relaxing music, dive deep in the game’s atmosphere and fall in love [with] sudoku again! … Based on hexagonal grids, the game reinvents sudoku rules and brings it to a whole new level. Combining the dots inside the hexes in three possible directions, so that their sum matches the one given at the edge, will be a rewarding experience for both puzzle games’ veterans and newcomers.

As the quote from the game’s store page says, you are presented with a grid, and it’s your goal to match the number of dots in a given line to the sum indicated in that grid’s … column, for lack of a better word.

I hesitate to say “column” because the sums can occupy a variety of different ends of the hexes. You can have a series of small “columns” with sums of just three or four, and then you can have one giant column stretching through that same level that requires, say, a sum of 33. Each hex on the grid can have one, two or three dots to count toward the sum.

Hexologic introduces a couple interesting mechanics across its 60-plus levels, all of which I’ve gone through over the past two weeks or so save for the challenge levels, of which there appear to be 15. The first mechanic, introduced in the second of four worlds, is the existence of hex that are locked into a specific number within a column or columns.

As you progress, the grids get bigger, and that mechanic does serve to make the game more difficult. For someone like me, that might be a concern, but I caught on quickly, and did so for the next mechanic: groups of hex that are tied to one another, and always share the same number of dots without being restricted to a single column.

The gameplay is challenging but relaxing, and the presentation is simply top notch. The worlds are essentially just different varieties of backgrounds and music, but are nonetheless quite beautiful and atmospheric. The game has a very sharp art style that pops on my S9+.

I’d recommend Hexologic to fans of any kind of puzzle games in general, and especially so for those who are into Sudoku or Nonograms. I have five “challenge” levels remaining… So I’m going to go get back to that now!

Hexologic is $0.99 on Google Play.



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