Destination Addroid is a series of posts where we try and discuss a game that we see advertised in other Android games. These games typically come in waves and I usually find myself ignoring ads. Should I be?

In Turretz, you control a planet or planets with massive turrets attached to them. These turrets fire automatically at missiles that constantly swarm your planet and right out of the gate, it’s a losing battle. Your single turret and weak planet can’t handle the dozens of rockets coming at you at once, and the first several upgrades are somewhat tedious to acquire.

It gets a little less tedious when you figure out that you can drag your planet around to avoid the rockets, but in my experience, I found that excessive movement could mess with the tracking. My planet would go from being directly under my finger to either side of it, so my movement is imprecise. The first few upgrades also deal with damage inflicted by your turrets, but the enemy rockets flying at your planet die in one hit, at least initially.

Fortunately, the upgrades do get better as you go on. In addition to my single-shot starting turret, I quickly unlocked one that fired three shots straight ahead and one that fired two shots in a ‘Y’ pattern.  I also unlocked a moon for my planet, and that moon orbits around my planet and smashes up rockets that would otherwise hit said planet.

I found this game by watching an ad in Egg, Inc. It has the look and, at times, the feel of an idle game, but in reality the actual progress is defined by action. Unfortunately, that action isn’t particularly thrilling or exciting. This is a new site, but you’ll learn that I love the games where the numbers go up and the numbers do go up in Turretz.

That’s enough to keep me interested for now. Ultimately, I worry that the actual action part of the game isn’t rewarding enough for it to even exist. Would a clicker where I just buy upgrades and watch my turrets fend for themselves be better? Maybe for me, but the game has been well-received, so if the gameplay loop looks interesting to you, it’s worth giving a look.

Turretz is available for free on Google Play, with in-app purchases that range from paying money for turrets and upgrades to paying to remove ads. You can also watch videos to double or triple your coinage earned.


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