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We want you to be able to contact us here at Destination Android, whether it’s for a tip, a suggestion, public relations, concerns or any number of things. We are a small team, and you can find all you need to know about us and how to contact us below. Media inquiries can go to while our site’s Twitter DMs are always open at @destinandroid.

James Brady, Managing Editor

James founded Destination Android, writes about sports on Vox Media’s SB Nation news desk and is the former deputy editor of Niners Nation. He is a mindless jerk who will be first against the wall when the revolution comes. You can contact him at and on Twitter via @JamesBradySBN.

Tabitha Brady, Deputy Editor

Tabitha Brady is an aspiring English teacher married to the editor of this website. She has way too many cats. You can contact her at and on Twitter via @tabiicat42.

Patrick Fletcher, Contributing Editor

Patrick is an aspiring journalist who spends entirely too much time reading Wikipedia articles. He’s still waiting for the mid 2000’s emo-scene music resurgence. You can contact him at and on Twitter via @StrickerFun.

Anthony Squires, Contributing Editor

Anthony is an accountant that is pretending to moonlight as a games journalist. He is a board game fanatic and a craft beer aficionado. You can contact him at and on Twitter via @Shaduln.

Adam Scott, Contributing Editor

Adam’s life is a hedonistic blur of music, gaming and sarcasm. Without all three he would surely shrivel and die. He also does that thing where he streams video games on Twitch as GildedFool. You can contact him at and on Twitter via @GildedFool